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#SocialMediaTip : The 3 C's to Social Media + FREEBIE

  • Consistent

  • Creative

  • Content

Sounds simple, right?

This is one of the first pieces of advice given by anyone who positions themself as a social media expert to anyone who wants to increase their social media presence.

"You have to be consistent in writing your creative content on all social media platforms! Go Go Go!"

What that expert doesn't tell you is that after about 15 consistent and creative pieces of content, some of us suffer from a brain block, and all that initial enthusiasm goes to shit.

Coming up with daily content ideas can be time consuming when you're doing it on the fly, and once it becomes apart of your mandatory marketing tasks, it eventually becomes a chore you don't look forward to but MUST get done.

Preparing a content calendar in advanced, pre-curating the photos needed or planning to take them, then using the technology you have in your hands to schedule your posts will save you so many hours of time, frustration and gets the juices flowing when it comes to creative writing to maintain your social media presence.

WELCOME! To my social media content calendar for September 2019!

These are some of my favorite go to content ideas that I've used over the years to fill up my feeds.

How to use this calendar...

Step 1: Skim through this calendar to get an idea for the types of content and photos you'll need to plan for the month.

Step 2: Go through your phone and FAVORITE [or create a special folder for] all the photos you ALREADY HAVE that will fit one of your content blocks.

Step 3: Take note of the content blocks you will need to take photos for. And schedule ONE whole day to take the remaining photos. [TRUST ME this makes SO MUCH sense to do!]

Step 4: Grab your favorite drink, go to your favorite writing space, and start drumming up the text for each content block. Use the topic of the content block for hashtags inspiration.

Step 5: Drop all that pre-curated content into your content scheduling planner #CSP on the appropriate date, for your best postings times and DONE!

To get access to the PDF file, CLICK HERE

There you go. Now get to it!

Happy Posting!



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