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Case Study: Social Media Bootcamp - Incorrect Email & Mail Order Brides. What the... ?

Hey everyone!

I just wrapped up a BIG website/social image re-design that I wanted to share some details on in case you find yourself in my clients’ shoes.

The client came to me because he was spending $800 a month in google ads PLUS admin service fees and only getting 2 jobs per month in return. He didn’t understand what was going on. Before I even told him about how I could help him, I started to investigate. This what I found [and sent him] just by glancing over his website...

Website evaluation: Here are all the ‘pain points’ identified throughout your website in which we can schedule to improve & enhance for the better of your business

  1. Email address is incorrect on header on all pages

  2. Vanity Image has a SHOWER stall instead of a bathtub

  3. 2nd vanity image is the same as the first

  4. TYPO - xxxxxx xxxxxxxx & TUB REFINIHING LLC 

  5. About photo not relevant to your service

  6. ‘Our Services’ first 2 titles contain Lorem Ipsum text.

  7. Remaining titles have NO text.

  8. OUR Gallery has no preview

  9. GALLERY page has header image of scaffolding and netting.

  10. No descriptions on images.

  11. Get In Touch strip has incorrect email address and map does not map your location

  12. Social Links on footer is not connected to your social sites

  13. About page does not have more detail - incorrect photo

  14. No call to action/LEAD CAPTURE/BAIT OFFER

  15. No email capture

His previous web designer completely messed up his online image. His email address was wrong on all pages. Links were broken. Galleries were incomplete. Bios were non-existent. The vanity images had NOTHING to do with his business.

And his back-links - were pointing to PORN SITES!

I found over a dozen immediate issues, and I hadn’t even had full access to his accounts yet. It was a mess.

He was frustrated. And he needed help fast. So I pulled him from his previous platform, temporarily hid all his social accounts, and started from the beginning. We rebuilt a super simple and effective website. And began the re-branding process. He even has a BLOG now - for bathtub refinishing that is slowly and organically generating a couple of hyper local clicks.

He got a new start at his online image and he is preparing to start some holiday special advertising.

I share this because so many people simply outsource their online image without knowing what the heck is going on in the background. His previous web designer was back linking him to mail order bride sites. And NO ONE stopped to check that his contact details - like his EMAIL ADDRESS - was correct!

He was busy running his business and he trusted in the person that he hired out to help him with this. She failed him. And he paid the price for it.

Before I even got started with him, I showed him my quick & simple checklist to ensure a basic website has EVERYTHING it needs to get up and running quickly. Sure there are more things that you can probably add, but I think this is a good start and all of my clients have greatly appreciated this.

I hope you do, too! 

Another website built. Another social persona enhanced. Another happy client.

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Stay curious, stay connected.  🌟



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