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Social Post Planner - December

It's December 1st! What does your social media planner look like for one of the most hectic months of the year?

Real life social things can get nuts this month. And lots of small businesses take a step back to accommodate all the family, friendly, and work obligations that go on all month long. So it's no question things like strategic social media posting either drops dramatically OR gets inundated with holiday themed posts.

Holiday cheer is GREAT - but we are all still running businesses and should always keep our clients & customers in mind. December is a great month for extra value adds, end of year only specials, new year commitments to your clients, announcement of upcoming products, and gratitude posts. Strategically planning your posts to keep in line with your consistent schedule, creative images, and cohesive feel is uber important this month. #consistentcreativecontent is the name of the game.

With that said, let's get planning!

Below is my [general] December social post planner outline.

Follow these tips and HAVE FUN with it!

  • Make the ideas your own.

  • Switch themes up for when they fit your real life schedule.

  • Use some of the Unsplash images I included below [credit the photographer when you can - the person's name is in the title of the photo].

  • Batch schedule to take your images based on themes.

  • Pre-script any videos you plan to post

  • Use photos that you've taken throughout this year if it fits

  • Use hashtags that match your engagement numbers

  • Tag stores, businesses, people, other accounts

  • Don't forget to come back in January for another planner!

Want more fun ideas? Well, lists are my love language, so connect with me! I'm preparing a monthly email blast that shares my favorite tips, tricks and shortcuts to all things websites, AI, and content creation.

CLICK HERE to sign up and while you're waiting for me to get it together, I'll send you my bare minimum Website Must Haves Checklist to ensure your site has all the things!

Stay curious, stay connected.  🌟



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