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25 HashTags for Female Lawyers

Two of my bad-ass lady lawyer clients just closed on big cases and requested that I create some info-brag graphics for them. If you know me...well YOU KNOW ME and how much that makes my heart SMILE!

Supporting Female Business Owners is literally what I feel I was created to do.

In creating these graphics for them, I got to thinking about the hashtags in this industry in general. [I like to include my favorite relevant hashtags every time I deliver graphics #overdeliver] And I noticed that lawyer hashtags are still kind of all over the place. So I got to digging and I pulled my favorite Injury Attorney hashtags for my bad-ass ladies.

And I am sharing them with you all!

Keep in mind, the vanity goals for any given hashtag is to end up on the top 9 posts for that hashtags' search. So when using hashtags you have to use the hashtags that fit your account metrics. For example, if you have 100 followers, and you use a lawyer hashtag that has 2,000,000 posts under it, where the top 9 posts are under accounts that have 10k+ followers, there's a good chance you aren't going to rank in the top 9. Probably nowhere near it for a non viral post.

So the goal with hashtags is to slowly level up as you level up your follower/engagement metrics.

How many hashtags should you be using? Depends on the platform. There are no hard core rules, and everyone #hashtags differently. But these are some general guidelines:

Instagram - 25-30

LinkedIn - 5

Facebook - 3-5

Twitter - 2

Pinterest - 20

Copy & Paste the below attorney hashtags and save them in your notes. And don't forget to include your SIGNATURE HASHTAG !

Do tell, how do you hashtag? Are you consistent with your hashtags? Do you have a signature hashtag?


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