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I'm Spilling the Tea!

I hate gatekeeping, so I'm sharing ALL my tips and tricks, plus everything it takes, to make money while working from home, from the coffee shop, from the beach, anywhere really!

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Aspiring to work remotely?I've been working from home since 2006. It offers more than just the allure of working in pajamas or enjoying lakeside views.


Remote work grants ultimate flexibility - you can manage your schedule, choose your workspace, and attend to personal matters like picking up a sick child, all while possibly fitting in a midday workout.


Ditch long commutes, reclaime time for extra sleep or new hobbies, and embrace opportunities to work for any company, anywhere in the world, broadening your professional horizon.


However, remote work isn't without its challenges. It can lead to feelings of isolation as interactions with colleagues are replaced with solitary screen time, possibly just with a pet for company.


The boundaries between work and personal life can blur, making you prone to answering emails at midnight.


Additionally, technical issues like unreliable internet or software problems can disrupt your day, demanding a level of self-sufficiency in handling tech troubles.


While remote work offers a unique set of freedoms and frustrations, it ultimately depends on what suits you and your family's needs best, much like any career choice.

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