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i know

why you're here

How ​ many free guides have you downloaded?

How many 60 min webinars have you watched?

How many community share classes have you bought?

I know. I get it.

You have an offline, local business and You need help organizing your social media,

whatever the hell that means.

"Start over here. Go over there. Do this. Don't do that."

All you know is you want to improve the look of your social media accounts,

be consistent, post good stuff that people might like, let locals know that you exist and do whatever else these 'gurus' say you're supposed to do if you want to bring in more business.


Is you your website effective?

Are your social accounts set up correctly?

How many social accounts should you post on?

How many times a day?

What happens when you run out of ideas?

Who takes the pictures?

Who writes the captions?

My name is Chastity, and I simplify Social Media for Small Businesses.


Whether you've been active online for a while and need fresh eyes ,or you just decided to start claiming your social space and want some guidance, My Social Media Bootcamp takes a look at EVERYTHING social and guides you into building and enhancing your online presence while answering ALL the above quesitons and more.. 


Having been in this business for over 10 years, I've dipped my pretty little fingers is all areas of our social media world - photography, graphics, content brainstorming, content planning, copywriting, post calendaring, website designs, and the list goes on.


Now I am FINALLY ready to share all my favorites while helping you simply get sh*t done!

By providing tools & tactics that SAVE TIME and SAVE MONEY you can get excited about your new skill set -
being social on social media! 

it all begins with

consistent, creative, content

Post what your people want to see.

Answer questions they never knew they had.

Position yourself as the authority in a genuine way.

Connect, Build, and Grow more than just a social presence, but a TRIBE! 

...these checklists WILL HELP YOU get started! 


but when you're really serious about stepping up your social presence game, click here to step into my boot camp!

Start with a comprehensive evaluation of your website - the good, the bad ,and the fixable.

How does that translate to your social accounts.

Where are you showing up? Where are you NOT!

How should you be showing up and a custom PLAN with:

30 Daily post ideas to help you schedule your social media content for an entire month!​

Holidays and national observances with their HASHTAG! 

Guides to create the matching photo, write content & post!

Simple, easy to edit Canva templates that will help your feed STAND OUT!

and more because I just love to give away free stuff!

Instagram™ has over 1 BILLION monthly active users. 

Make sure your account stands out!

Not sure where to  start?

Let's talk about it!

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