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My Favorite Tools to Manage Social Media Presence

My Favorite Tools to Manage Social Media

My last 3 clients "I'm swamped with keeping up with the online stuff, and I give up! I just want to run my business." Totally get it. You venture into the small-business world, and suddenly you're bombarded with: "Get on Instagram, don't forget about TikTok, what about your Facebook? What do these kids call that other platform" Then comes the avalanche of apps for everything, leaving you with more logins than you have relatives, and a head spinning trying to remember what each app does. Yep, navigating the world of social media management can be a maze. And if you're in my age demographic 30-40-50 you don't have the time nor the patience for this sh*t!

I've been navigating this maze for over a decade, and believe me, my password manager is a testament to the countless apps I've tried! [Yes, even my passwords have their own app!]

So, I wanted to share My Favorite Tools to Manage Social Presence and the subscriptions I juggle across clients. A heads-up: many of these apps offer FREE plans, and they do come with limitations. But if you know me, you know I like to keep things super simple. When I'm not using a post scheduler, I go straight to the social media platforms themselves for creating videos, adding text overlays, editing, etc. With so many steps involved in crafting a single post, simplicity is my mantra. I focus on conveying my message, clear and simple.


  • GoDaddy: $71/2-years, with Domain Privacy and Protection.

  • Wix: Around $192/year, varies with plans and extras.


  • Google Custom Email: $7.20/month.

  • Mailchimp: $27/month - perfect for mass emailing over 500 recipients. Free version available.


  • WaveApp: Charges per transaction - 1% for bank payments, 2.9% + $0.60 for credit card transactions.

Storage Management

  • Google Drive: $1.99/month for 100 GB.

  • SmugMug (Photos): $11/month for storage. They have a shopping cart plan to sell your photos as well.

Graphic Creation

  • Canva: $13/month. Free version available.

  • MidJourney: $10/month.

A.I. Assistants

  • ChatGPT: $20/month, with a free plan available. Free version available.

  • Jasper: $498/year.

  • Bard: Free.

  • Answer the Public: Free.

  • Post Planner: $7/month. Free & Larger version available. REFERRAL CODE: c8dv4v

(Why several A.I. assistants? We'll get into that in another post.)

For some, this list might seem overwhelming, especially when you factor in other account subscriptions you may need. For others, it will definitely be insufficient especially if you'll need a shop, marketing campaign funnels, webinar hosting, etc.

I wanted to share the tools I use to manage my clients efficiently, saving time, and keeping things streamlined. We'll dive into workflow soon. These are THE SAME TOOLS Many of these tools are also what I recommend to my clients for managing their social media effectively. Remember, gaining time often comes with a cost. [Think of hiring a cleaning service – it's often about not having the time to do it yourself.]

So, what are your favorite apps? Let's compare notes!


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Stay curious, stay connected.  🌟

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