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This one mistake could be costing you clients! Let's Chat.

If I've sent you to this post, it's probably because we spent some time sitting together, cozy mugs in hand, diving deep into the world of social media over some delicious brews, a stories and struggles sharing convo. 💕

Ask yourself: Who is my target audience?

So, we’ve chatted for hours about all things social, right? And if there’s one thing you’ve probably heard me harp on about (more than once, because I care!), it’s this golden nugget: Who exactly are you chatting up when you post on social media?

Have you figured out who your ideal audience is yet? Because, mija, missing this piece of the puzzle could lead to you missing out on making the most of your social media presence and growing that client list in all the ways you hoped.

The Big Whoops: Talking Into the Void

Here’s the skinny: skipping over the whole “Who’s my audience?” question is like throwing a party and forgetting to send out the invites. Sure, you’ve got the snacks and the tunes, but if the room’s empty, who’s there to enjoy it?

The Scattergun Approach: A No-Go

Not zeroing in on your target audience means your awesome content might just be floating around, not really hitting the mark. It’s like sending out those generic, “To Whom It May Concern” letters — impersonal and kind of missing the point, right? This approach dilutes your message and, honestly, makes snagging those new clients a tougher climb.

Nailing Your Audience: Like Finding Your Tribe

But here’s the flip side: when you really get who you’re talking to, everything changes. Your posts start to feel like they’re part of a conversation. They resonate. Your followers feel seen and heard, and before you know it, those followers start turning into clients. It’s about making every post feel like a heart-to-heart with your tribe.

So, How Do You Find Your People?

1. Snag This Worksheet for $11 bucks! [Like, seriously, what else can you buy for a $11 these days?] This worksheet will help you dive into who your peeps are — what they like, where they hang, the whole shebang.

2. Be All Ears: Social media’s a two-way street. Notice who’s digging your posts and how they’re interacting. It’s like picking up on the vibe of the room and tuning in.

3. Sneak a Peek at the Neighbors: Checking out who’s engaging with similar brands can give you some solid clues about your own audience.

4. Iterate, Iterate, Iterate: Your audience today might not be your audience tomorrow. Keep your finger on the pulse and adjust as you go.

In essence, your social media vibe should be a direct convo with your ideal audience. Skipping the “Who am I talking to?” step will constantly leave you to question - who’s on the other side of this screen reading my posts? When you know who that is, you'll know what information they need and what services you can provide.

Now, let's get to work.


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who is my target audience

Mid-journey prompt: A cozy, warmly lit café scene with a rustic wooden table as the focal point. On the table, place two smartphones side by side, their screens alive with colorful social media profiles, surrounded by notes. Include two steaming coffee cups, suggesting a fresh and energizing start, with a small, inviting pastry on a plate. Add a notebook slightly open with a pen resting on it. The atmosphere should exude creativity, warmth, and the comfort of a heartwarming conversation between friends.


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