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What are MRR & PLR Digital Products? And how can I make money with them?

PLR & MRR allows you to GIVE AWAY or SELL Digital Products you did NOT have to create yourself.

In super short summary:

  • PLR Digital Products you have to rebrand and can then resell.

  • MRR you usually sell as is right out the digital box.

In both cases, if you choose to resell the products, YOU KEEP 100% PROFIT!


If you have a business, you should have a website.

If you have a website you definitely should have a POP UP that offers a FREE something [Lead Magnet] in exchange for the visitors email address. [i.e. How-to Guides, Top 10 lists, Link to a Video, Discount, etc.]

If you own ANY business, you need to understand what PLR & MRR is and how you can apply it to your current offerings.

In Digital Marketing and Digital Products, two terms frequently pop up, often causing confusion or intrigue: Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR). Both concepts revolve around the resale and distribution of content, but they serve different purposes and offer distinct advantages. Let’s unravel the mysteries of PLR and MRR, shedding light on how they can be pivotal in your business strategy.

💫 Private Label Rights (PLR): Personalize and Profit

Imagine buying a cake mix that allows you not only to bake the cake but also to modify the recipe, rebrand it, and sell it as your own. That's the essence of Private Label Rights. PLR products are content pieces like articles, eBooks, software, or videos that you can purchase and use as if you were the original creator.

✅ Flexibility and Customization

With PLR, you can edit, alter, add, or subtract content to suit your needs. You can put your name as the author, tweak the content to match your brand’s voice, and integrate it seamlessly into your content strategy. This flexibility is a significant plus, allowing for customization that resonates with your audience.

✅ Cost-Effective Content Solution

Creating content from scratch demands time and resources. PLR offers a cost-effective alternative, providing ready-made material that can be adapted and used quickly. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their content offerings without the hefty investment in time and creative energy.

💫 Master Resell Rights (MRR): Resell and Reap the Rewards

Now, picture buying not just a cake mix but the right to sell that mix to others who can then bake and sell their cakes. This scenario illustrates the concept of Master Resell Rights. MRR products allow you to resell the product itself to customers, who then have the right to sell it to others.

✅ Immediate Resale Opportunity

The primary advantage of MRR is the ability to start selling the product immediately, often retaining 100% of the sales profit. It’s an excellent way for entrepreneurs to add new products to their portfolio quickly and with minimal upfront development.

Expanding Your Product Line

MRR can significantly enhance your product offerings, enabling you to cater to a broader market. It's especially advantageous for those in the reselling business, as it provides a steady stream of products that can be sold under your brand.

Navigating the Legal Landscape

While PLR and MRR offer fantastic opportunities, it’s crucial to understand the legalities and restrictions associated with each. Always read the license agreement carefully. Some PLR and MRR products have specific limitations, such as not allowing the content to be given away for free or sold on certain platforms.

💫 PLR Real Life

Here are three ways to use Private Label Rights (PLR) content effectively:

Content Creation for Blogs and Websites:

PLR articles, eBooks, and reports can be customized and repurposed into blog posts or web content for your site. This approach saves time and effort in content creation, allowing you to maintain a consistent posting schedule. You can edit the PLR content to match your voice, update statistics or facts, and add personal insights or case studies to make it unique and SEO-friendly.

Lead Magnets for Email List Building:

Use PLR eBooks, guides, or courses as lead magnets to encourage visitors to sign up for your email list. By offering valuable, free content in exchange for their email address, you can grow your subscriber base. Customize the PLR content to ensure it aligns with your brand and adds real value to your audience, making it an effective tool for nurturing leads and building customer relationships.

Product Creation and Sales:

Transform PLR content into products that you can sell. When you purchase a PLR product, you receive a license, and most licenses allow you to resell the product and keep 100% of the profits. For example, compile PLR articles into an eBook, or use PLR video content to create an online course. Ensure that the PLR license allows for commercial use and then modify the content to make it unique, adding your branding and additional content to enhance its value. This method can help you quickly expand your product offerings and generate revenue without starting from scratch.

By leveraging PLR content in these ways, you can save time, enhance your marketing efforts, and provide valuable content to your audience, all while keeping your business growth on track.

💫 MRR in Real Life

Master Resell Rights (MRR) products offer unique opportunities for business growth and revenue generation. Here are three ways to use MRR effectively:

Resell the Product Directly:

The most straightforward use of MRR products is to resell them as they are. You can sell these products on your website, through email marketing campaigns, or on digital marketplaces. Since you have the right to resell, you can keep 100% of the profits. This method works well for eBooks, software, video courses, and other digital products that are in demand within your niche.

Bundle with Other Products:

Create more value for your customers by bundling MRR products with other items you sell. For example, if you're selling a physical product, you can include an MRR eBook as a free bonus. This can increase the perceived value of your offering and encourage more sales. Bundling can also help you differentiate your products from competitors and cater to a broader audience.

Use as a Learning Tool or Membership Content:

Incorporate MRR products into educational resources for your audience. If you run a membership site or offer a subscription service, you can use MRR content as part of your educational materials. This can be particularly effective if the MRR product is informative and aligns with the interests or needs of your members. It saves you time on content creation and adds value to your membership offerings.

Utilizing MRR products in these ways can enhance your business strategy, providing additional income streams, increasing the value of your existing products, and offering valuable content to your audience or members.

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PLR and MRR are powerful tools in the digital content and product marketplaces, offering paths to expand your content library and product range efficiently. By leveraging these rights intelligently, you can enhance your brand, engage your audience more effectively, and open new revenue streams. With the right strategy, the world of PLR and MRR not only demystifies but also becomes a lucrative component of your business arsenal.

I'd love to know - Have you explored the potential of PLR and MRR in your business journey?


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