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How to instantly get 30+ post ideas from your AIRBNB rental!

Short Term Rentals offer so many fun opportunities for social media sharing. Your product is always beautifully staged and always photo ready. While I was at a shoot the other week, my very successful short term rental client confessed that they don't yet have a social media presence for their hosting business. He admitted that aside from the photos I send them, they set up a quick carousel post that day on their personal accounts, and didn't know what else would he post after that. 🤨 Gears started cranking! While onsite I gave him some visual ideas of how to break down my photos and other views points to post besides his usual. I later sent him a quick version of the below list that I know will be helpful for you all. Take from here, edit as you see fit, and flip it to fit the industry you are in.

After counting out all the simple & obvious potential posts, we came to nearly 35 days of images to curate & talk about for just one unit. Now, multiple that by the 10 properties these clients have, and they have nearly a years worth of posts.

Now all I have to teach them is how to pre-schedule all those posts so that they don't have to think about it! 😉


You don't necessarily have to talk about the image. Use the images as eye candy but just share. Give a tip to wanna-be hosts. Share a good experience with a guests. Share disaster turned good stories. Share your favorite places to shop for STR furniture & supplies. Share mistakes. Share happy things. Share tough decisions (where to put the couch 🤪)

This list also doesn't cover the in progress images you have - the space pre-furnished, when the deliveries come in and boxes are stacked everywhere, funny videos of you moving furniture around - that you can post solo or as a before/after, or BOTH! (Just spread them out).

  1. Preparation: 30 second video of unit - add music from instagram

  2. Kitchen - whole view - still photo

  3. Kitchen - 10 sec video

  4. Kitchen gadgets and things

  5. Kitchen table with place setting

  6. Desk area

  7. Desk art

  8. Desk lamp, on with overhead lights dimmed

  9. Living room

  10. Living room couch - talk about what you love about it

  11. Coffe table & couch

  12. Rug & couch - from overhead

  13. Couch, funky shoes, rug from overhead

  14. TV & TV unit console - talk about where you bought it

  15. TV corner with mirror

  16. Frame out door to bedroom, couch, artwork

  17. Close pocket doors halfway, bedroom

  18. Washer/dryer

  19. Bathroom, sink & mirror

  20. Bathroom shower & tub

  21. Bathroom soaps [if providing]

  22. Bathroom whole 10 sec video

  23. Bedroom whole

  24. Bedroom whole - 10 sec video

  25. Bedside table and corner of bed

  26. View from sitting on bed at tv

  27. 10 sec slow motion video making the bed

  28. Door - especially if it’s cool & different

  29. Building Amenities - gym, media room

  30. Backyard - any & all outdoor areas



  • 5 reviews sprinkled in between posts- screenshot the review

  • 5 personal reviews of local spots also sprinkled in between posts with image of the location

What else would you add?

Happy Posting!



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