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Downloading Your Beautiful New Design

Hey there, Beautiful!

Thank you for purchasing one of my Canva designs. It was pleasure to work with you and I look forward to us creating more beautiful things in the future.

Below are the instructions to grab your designs [with one of my secret hacks :)

Step 1. Converting a PDF to JPG.

[Canva Hack ALERT!] I download all my Canva designs as PDF Print Quality [instead of JPGs]. The reason is for the quality the PDF gives vs a PNG/JPG. When it comes to Canva Design Downloads, their PDF Print Quality files have sharper and crisper lines vs their JPG download. So the files I just sent you is in a PDF but you can easily choose the image you want and create a JPG without losing the high res quality.

To do this:

  1. Open the PDF I sent you

  2. Scroll to the design you want

  3. Go to FILE>EXPORT

  4. Name your file and its location

  5. In the FORMAT box choose JPG

  6. Click Save

Step 2. Accessing your design using the Canva Editable LINK

The Canva Editable Link will allow you to edit the original design I created in case you ever need to, for example, change out the quote or the colors.

To access and save your design so that you can edit later:

  1. Sign in to your Canva account

  2. Click the custom link I sent you

  3. In Canva - go to FILE>MAKE A COPY

  4. Rename the file

  5. Use that newly saved file to make changes. This way if you ever need to go back to the original I created, you will have it in your account forever!

This may be a new process for you as one of my loyal clients. So I really appreciate you growing with me. But as our volume picked up, I had to implement this system so that my lovelies can learn how to get the BEST from my designs.

Thank you from the depths of my core.

I appreciate you!



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