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Hey You, I See You!


I am going to guess that somewhere in social media world I was doing my rounds of being social [insert gasp here]  and I came across a few posts from you and decided to reach out in your DMs.

Or you found me through some I-Need-Help-With-My-Social-Media-Life super keyword and stumbled upon my page. 


Either way, I Thank You! Thank you for reaching out and Thank You for supporting my small business. 

With that decision to say ‘Let Me Connect With Her’ You just proved to Yourself and EVERYONE else that You’re serious & ready to up Your social media game. You should be proud! I am proud of You! And I aim to make You proud you chose me.


My #1 goal is to eliminate those dreadful days of staring at Your phone, swiping to each social app and wondering, “What the heck do I post today? Do I even have photos? I am out of ideas!” Who has time for that!      

Now You’ll have inspo and motivation to begin posting consistent & creative content that delivers value! With consistency comes growth and soon You’ll see more people engaging with Your posts and Your number of followers will gradually and organically grow.  


As a real estate photographer, I quickly learned that while my agents were phenomenal at selling their listings, they had a hard time transitioning their messages and delivering that same value on their social feeds.

While  assisting contractors in their back office administrative duties I learned that almost NONE of them had an online & social presence, nor were they interested in learning how to create one!

So now I get to help them do just that!    

Soon enough,  once a week you’ll get a brief newsletter with my favorite tips, tricks & tools to help you up your social media game. I want you to be the talk of your office & clients! 

While I build, grab my go to 15 Canva Templates  , my 30 Post Ideas Cheat Sheet  and start self auditing your own website by reviewing my 28 Perfectly Designed Website check list. 

Thank You


Aren’t you glad we’ve done all that thinking for you? :)

And since you took time out to get in touch,  I will be sure to respond to your email in 2 business days. 

If you think you may want extra help, feel free and checkout my agency,  Brooklyn Pencil, and learn what we can do for you.


And if you come up with any questions before then, email me and ask away. It's my personal email and I am here to help you.


Seriously, don't be shy.

#CreateSomethingBeautiful ,


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