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Instagram Housekeeping: Slay Your Profile and Feed Game

This is a shout out to my Instagram lovers. But this could apply to every social media platform you're on. Your profiles aren't just a social media account; they're your digital runway, a flex of your personal brand, and could be a superpower tool for business and networking. With Insta being the it-place for over a billion peeps monthly, it’s time to step up and make your presence pop! Instagram accounts are SEO goldmines, as they're indexed by search engines like Google. This means your profile and posts can pop up in search results, boosting your online visibility and making it easier for potential followers and customers to find you.

Got it?

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Instagram Housekeeping: Slay Your Profile and Feed Game for the ultimate glow-up. 💅✨

Section 1: Profile Perfection

Username Realness:

Think of your username as your Online Persona ID - it's how people will 'know' you online. Make it catchy, searchable, but totally you. Whether you're a boss babe running a biz or a personal brand guru, keep it simple yet sassy.

Profile Pic Glam:

Your profile pic is your digital first impression – make it count! Businesses, flaunt that logo. Personal brands, it's all about that headshot glow. Keep it crisp, clear, and professional.

Use that Name Field:

Your 'name' field is always untapped real estate. It should be different from your username. It's an opportunity to add your title, niche and even location. Use up that real estate!

Bio Bossing:

Your bio is your mini-billboard. It's lights are on 24/7. In 150 characters, show the world what you’re all about. Pack it with personality, sprinkle in some sparkle, and maybe drop a branded hashtag for that extra zest. Change it up every now adn then to shout out promos, sales, or freebies.

Section 2: Business Profile Power Moves

Go Business or Go Home:

For all you hustlers and shakers, switching to a business account is a game-changer. It’s like unlocking the VIP section of Insta with analytics, contact buttons, and ad magic.

Contact Info Flex:

Make sliding into your DMs or shooting you an email a breeze. Add your contact info in those fields.

Section 3: Feed Finesse

Aesthetic Goals:

Your feed is your storybook. Pick a vibe and stick with it. Whether it's moody tones, pastel dreams, or urban chic, keep it cohesive for that scroll-stopping recognizable look.

Stories and Highlights FTW:

Stories? Your daily dose of realness. Highlights? Your evergreen content crowns. Use them to give a sneak peek, share testimonials, or dish out quick tips.

Hashtag Hustle:

Hashtags are your Insta BFFs for getting seen. Mix trending, local and niche tags to get your posts out there. It's like sprinkling fairy dust on your content. 🧚✨

Bio Link Magic:

That bio link? Think of it as your Insta business card. Point it to your latest blog, shop, or whatever fab thing you’re up to. Tools like Linktree can turn it into a multi-link treasure chest.

Consistency Queen:

In the Insta world, ghosting is a no-no. Keep your feed alive and thriving with regular posts. Plan, prep, and slay your content game. CLICK HERE to see how I crafted up 30 post ideas for my AIRBnB client.

Wrapping it Up:

Take NOTES of your changes. Now that' you're ready to update your Insta so it sparkles like the boss babe you are, be sure to keep notes on the changes you made, results, and then make more changes as your need arises.

You’ve got this, queen! 👑


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