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Oh my, hashtags!

I am so excited that you are here being all interested

in my very first course!

Well, it's more like a Guide

Online Presence & Social Media Bootcamp

Keeping Social Simple


The core of this guide revolves around simplicity - Consistent Creative Content. But before we deliver that, we need to make sure we are looking our best online. Many of us set up our website, create our social handles and think the Internet will do the rest. That can't be further from the truth. It takes a bit of work to create a social media feed and an online presence that will work for us. It also takes a long time to organically build that ideal audience, so don't let those effortless looking super accounts fool you.

Consistent Creative Content isn't something we - or anyone has branded. This is what the platforms we use - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest - have all stated is the KEY to creating engaging and valuable social accounts. It's what all the gurus preach just with fluffy words.

Consistency is KEY in building ANY business and your social following is no different. 

Ensuring your website has all the major players is extremely important for your overall online presence.

Collecting email addresses is an integral part of maintaining interests in products & services.

Creating a calendar, pre-writing your captions and curating your photos one day per month for the upcoming month is one way to creating a healthy social persona by freeing up your time on those other days to do other important things.


I sell this eBook for a modest $15 bucks because, like I said it's more like a guide than a course.  

I also offer personal 1:1 sessions for small business owners that want a more personal delivery of this guide and guidance on how they can apply the tools listed to their day to day social media management. 

Like I said above, I am glad you're here. And I look forward to watching you take your social media presence to the next level.


PS ; 

I'm ready to take my Social Media Presence to the next level. 


Online Presence & Social Media Bootcamp

Keeping Social Simple

Online Presence Bootcamp - Book 1 - BP - 2021.jpeg

This guide is NOT finished. Which means, for only $15, the link you receive will update every week and you will receive more tools & tips on how to enhance your social media presence.  We're just getting started!


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